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The Redding Family wanted to establish this endowment to help provide educational opportunities to undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need. Growing up with humble beginnings, Cory has lived his life based upon three basic values: Desire, Discipline and Dedication. Cory believes these values lay the foundation for future success and as such, it is his desire that recipients of this endowment possess the same spirit.

Scholarship Criteria

  • Must be an incoming college freshman with demonstrated financial need;
  • First preference is for graduates of North Shore High School or another Galena Park ISD high school; if no such applicants are accepted to the University that year, awards may be made to other incoming freshmen with financial need;
  • Recipients will also preferably demonstrate desire, discipline and dedication in their everyday lives

Mentorship Component

  • Recipients of this scholarship are strongly encouraged to pay it forward to future Cory and Priscilla Redding Family Scholarship recipients through mentorship and internship opportunities. This is a very important pledge for the Redding family as they believe networking amongst their scholarship recipients is a key component to future success and one that can multiply their desire to assist those in financial need exponentially.
  • Recipients will also be strongly encouraged, unless unable due to extenuating circumstances, to attend a yearly event with the Redding family, or representatives, to network and share their successes with the Redding family and current and past scholarship recipients.
  • Lastly, recipients will be strongly encouraged to volunteer during the year with Cory Redding Foundation initiatives or events that take place in Austin and optionally in Houston.

To Apply

    • University Admittance: Prospective freshman should first visit this site for full details on how to apply to The University of Texas at Austin. (Note: The application for fall admittance is generally available by August 1 of your senior year.) The information below only relates to the College of Education scholarship application process. There are many more steps that must be completed by EARLY in your senior year for university admittance. Ex: ACT/SAT tests, essays, etc. Be sure to print out the freshman application checklist in the gray box in the center of the page to ensure you don’t miss any important requirements. http://bealonghorn.utexas.edu/freshmen/admission The overall UT admittance application deadline is December 1.
    • General Scholarships: Next, visit this site for general scholarship information. All prospective students interested in a College of Education scholarship, Cory and Priscilla Redding Family Scholarship, must first apply online for the general UT scholarships with their admissions application by December 1.
    • College of Education Scholarships: Lastly, the College of Education scholarship application will be available online March 1 - 31.  PLEASE NOTE: If you have not been admitted to UT by March, the College of Education scholarship application cannot be submitted online. Students should still use the online application but need to print out each page as they go and submit the paper copy by March 31 to the address listed under College of Education Undergraduate Scholarship Application. If you attend North Shore High School, check with your counselor for a hard copy of the College of Education Scholarship Application.
    • Important: Students should complete both the general UT scholarship application (by December 1) and the College of Education scholarship application (by March 31) for consideration for the Cory and Priscilla Redding Family Scholarship. Students do NOT need to fill out a separate application specifically for the Redding Family scholarship because the College of Education scholarship application will allow consideration for all applicable opportunities within the College of Education, including the Cory and Priscilla Redding Family Scholarship.

All freshman will find out around March if they are admitted to UT and will have until May 1 to pay an enrollment deposit confirming their spot in the Fall.

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Every donor to the fund will receive a tax receipt from the University within 72 business hours.

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